What Heat Gun do I need for Resin?

What heat gun do I need for resin? All types of heatgun and which one is best for epoxy resin

When working to create some beautiful art pieces of epoxy resin and not getting the annoying bubbles is a questionable condition!

Because the formation of bubbles in the process of epoxy resin is a prevalent issue, tough to deal with (but not impossible!).

A heat gun is one such solution to eliminate the bubbles from the surface of the resin. It not only pops the bubbles but also helps maintain the consistent flow of the resin.

I guess by now, you are clear on the matter of whether you can use a heat gun on epoxy. Moving forward, in this article, we will broadly discuss what heat gun you need for resin and various domains of the subject.

So, hang out carefully with this article till the end.

Do you actually need a heat gun for resin –

A heat gun is a gun that blows heated air to target the bubbles to blow them off when used over them from a distance.

It is used for the idea that the heat emitted by the gun set to a particular temperature will erode the bubbles from the surface of the epoxy resin by softening the targeted area, making it easy to cure and durable.

In simple words, Yes, a heat gun is a must-have piece of equipment that can help you to alter the sudden and unexpected fault in your masterpiece.

You can read the detailed reason behind do you need a heat gun for epoxy resin.

What type of heat gun is ideal for epoxy resin –

What heat gun do I need for resin - What are the heat gun you should use with epoxy resin

When choosing a perfect heat gun for epoxy resin, you must keep a few things in mind.

1. A heat gun should have a temperature setting that can be set to high and low relatively. This is because not all types of epoxy resin pour, and its project requires the same heat intensity.

If the heat is provided unevenly to the required area, it will result in easy formation cracks and may cause the resin to displace.

2. The heat gun should be durable and chosen from the list of the best heat for epoxy resin. This logic is because only the best things imputed provide the best outputs and are worth the price.

3. The heat gun also requires it to be comfortable enough to be held and too hot to be held during use. In other words, a heat gun must have a holding space that should be heat resistant.

4. The heat gun should either have a long cord or be cordless for easy and accessible use. The extensive project may require the heat gun to reach its edges and other areas which aren’t accessible without an inclination between the gun and the epoxy resin surface.

To conquer this challenge choosing the right cord length and type is suitable.

Things to keep in mind while using the heat gun –

Using the heat gun is one of the easiest tasks during the process of epoxy resin casting, but there are a few things you need to take care of while dealing with it.

What heat gun do I need for resin - Choosing the best heat gun for epoxy resin1. Make sure your resin has been appropriately set – The process of encountering the bubbles is done after the resin is poured and the air is trapped in the form of bubbles.

Well, this is the stage where even if you are hasty about eliminating bubbles from your epoxy resin to save its quality, you will have to wait for a while so that the resin can be appropriately set.

The reason behind this is the unset resin may flow unevenly, getting displaced and thus will destroy the whole of your project. Make sure the resin is spread evenly and is set to static before you take any action on the bubbles.

2. Choose the right temperature – This may sound a little hectic to you, but this is important to keep in mind that only accurate temperatures can solve your issue of eliminating bubbles and giving a finished look to your epoxy.

The inaccurate temperature will only lead to cracks and burns and eventually affect your masterpiece. Check for the temperature your project can withstand and strategize using the heat gun for the purpose accordingly.

3. Know the whole procedure beforehand – To deal with the heat process, you should always prefer to know, understand and be able to implement it practically. To avoid complications, you should pre-check How to use a heat gun on epoxy resin.

4. Be comfortable with the set-up – Using the heat gun involves using heat, that is, the hot temperature which requires care and preventive measures to be followed.

Make sure you choose a stable and comfortable environment for your epoxy resin casting and can use your heat gun carefully and effectively.

FAQs –

1. How effective can the heat gun be for the epoxy resin?

Compared to other methods of eliminating the bubbles, such as using hair dryers, pins, straws, etc., A heat gun is much more effective in removing the existing bubbles and preventing their frequent formation due to the heat.

Also, it could be an expensive measure, but it is surely worth the price. (To get a detailed insight on this, check: How strong is a heat gun for epoxy resin?)

2. Can I use a heat gun on silicon molds?

There are controversial thoughts on whether you can safely use heat over silicone molds. I advise you to check your silicone mold for the heat gun’s temperature for its heat-withstanding capabilities.

Always start with a low heat temperature on silicones, as some can handle hot temperatures while others are not designed to.

3. How can I set the right temperature for my epoxy resin project?

To set the correct temperature of your heat for the epoxy resin, you only require 2 things—a heat gun with the setting of adjustable temperature and better knowledge of your project type.

If your project is small and involves only a few layers of epoxy, then you should go with low temperatures.

A relatively large project with thick layers of epoxy may be capable of withstanding high temperatures to eradicate the bubbles. (Know what temp heat gun for epoxy is suitable to get a clear picture).

Conclusion –

Well, using the heat gun is one of the most favorable choices you could make for your epoxy resin. When it comes to its primary job of eliminating bubbles, it does that like no other.

Also, using the heat gun may come up with negligible disadvantages, which can be turned into a boon for treated right. Make sure you choose the right heat gun for your epoxy resin.

I hope you liked this article and if you did so, share this with your friends who could find this helpful. Also, don’t forget to comment on what type of heat gun you chose for your epoxy resin and how it went. Happy Epoxy Resin Casting!