How strong is a Heat Gun for Epoxy Resin?

How strong is a Heat Gun for Epoxy Resin? Full answer on how stron gis heat gun for epoxy resin

Casting some beautiful art pieces with epoxy resin and getting in trouble with the bubbles is the most common and significant hurdle in the epoxy resin casting process.

While some advice using a heat gun, others keep wondering if you can use the heat gun for the epoxy resin to eliminate the bubbles or not!

This article will go long to bring the concept of using the heat gun for the epoxy resin to the surface so that you don’t miss out on creating some exceptional beautiful masterpieces out of epoxy resin.

So let us begin the journey of exploring the matter!

What is a heat gun, and why is it used for epoxy resin –

A heat gun is simply a gun-shaped instrument that blows heat on emission when used over any energy source.

The heat gun has multiple uses, including in the professional, art, and craft industries. Still, it is increasingly accepted in the process of resin casting to eliminate the significant issue of bubble formation in epoxy resin casting.

You can easily find a heat gun at any store, including any local hardware shop(check the best heat gun for epoxy resin).

The good part is now there are heat guns available that allow temperature ranges to be used according to the needs. You can variate the temperature according to your epoxy resin and Tadaaa!

Your epoxy resin will be free of resin bubbles. If you wonder what temperature should be used with a heat gun on epoxy resin, I have a complete article for you.

Now, you must consider whether using heat is effective in epoxy resin! Whether or not the heat gun will solve your problem of bubble formation that destroys all of your masterpieces at once!

Track the article further to get this answer.

Is the heat gun effective for epoxy resin –

How strong is a Heat Gun for Epoxy Resin? Is heat gun strong enough for epoxy resin

A heat gun is one of the essential requirements of the epoxy resin casting process. The formation of bubbles is widespread in the casting process, and there are only a few solutions for the same.

A heat gun works to remove the bubbles if used accurately and helps to create an adorable masterpiece. Although using a heat gun is not mandatory, I will advise you to use it on a Sureshot because it can help you eradicate bubbles reasonably.

(You can even read Do I need a heat gun for epoxy resin? To get more clarity on the matter). When left uncured, the bubbles can create problems when you try to remove the epoxy resin casting from the mold.

Also, it will destroy the overall appearance of your epoxy resin and make it look like unprofessional art. On a scale of 1-10, a heat gun can work between 8-10 for you if you follow the proper measures.

Also, because using the heat gun can blow the dust around to your epoxy resin and the heat, it is the principal disadvantage of relying on a heat gun and not using it properly.

How to use a heat gun for your epoxy resin to be more effective –

When relying on a heat gun, you must know how to use it effectively. Using it not efficiently or overusing it can damage your epoxy resin.

You should always start the application of the heat gun over your epoxy resin at an approximate angle of 45 degrees and blow the air on the surface where bubbles are visible.

You should avoid using the gun in an area for longer as it may blow off the epoxy resin with its hot heat and can damage your epoxy resin.

Additionally, you should always prefer using a heat gun with each application of the epoxy resin layers to avoid bubbles creating its space. You can read more about how to use an epoxy resin heat gun.

Safety tips to be followed when using a heat gun –

How strong is a Heat Gun for Epoxy Resin? Full answer and specification about whether heat gun is strong enough for epoxy resin

Using a heat gun can be troublesome if not followed all precautions properly. The reason is it stays hot and uses a source of energy, plus it can melt down all your stuff at the workplace.

Well, you need not worry about consequences until you read this, as it will further let you know what safety measures you need to follow when using a heat gun.

1. Do not touch the tip – The heat gun’s tip or mouth emits hot air when in use. It becomes hot for this reason, and that’s why feeling it knowingly or unknowingly can cause severe burns.

2. Rely on a protective shield – When using a heat gun, ensure you keep it in a safe place during and after use. It can completely melt down when it comes in contact with any heat-collecting material.

3. Do not block the hot air route – If you are working with a heat gun, make sure you use it only when needed. Heating when not required and blocking its route can make the air trapped inside, making it severely hot and can even cause a fire breakout.

4. Be cautious about the material you use with the heat gun – The heat gun is used mainly to emit hot air. If this air comes in direct contact with materials like plastic or metal, even in the form of your mold, it can destroy your workplace and your epoxy resin.

Rely on silicone mold and double-check your workspace for fire-catching materials to avoid such consequences.

5. Don’t overuse the heat gun – Overusing the heat gun with the intent to blow off all the air bubbles can actually spoil your epoxy resin. Make sure to put the heat gun to good use and not overuse it.

6. Use protective masks and gloves – The first stage involved in any process is to protect yourself. When using the heat gun, which blows hot air, use a mask, protective gloves, a handkerchief, and even goggles if needed.


1. Can using a heat gun over my epoxy resin destroy it?

Well, if you will use the heat with a proper measure, it won’t, but exceeding the use of the heat gun and its temperature can get your epoxy resin spoiled.

Start with a low temperature and use the heat gun in intervals by taking a gap of approximately 5-7 seconds.

2. What type of heat gun should I use for my epoxy resin?

The type of heat gun depends on the intent of your project, including its type and size. You can read What heat gun do I need for resin? To get in-depth information about the same.

3. Can using the heat gun generate more air bubbles over my epoxy resin?

Although a heat gun is meant to blow off the air bubbles caught on your epoxy resin, this type of problem may arise, especially when you are using the heat gun for the first time and not doing it correctly.

Do not lose calm; instead, wait for a few seconds and try increasing the temperature of your heat gun in such cases.

Conclusion –

A heat gun is a purposely made invention when talking about epoxy resin casting. Using the heat gun will not only eliminate the air bubbles of your epoxy resin but will also help you to set it.

I hope you understand how vital a heat gun is for epoxy resin. If you found this information helpful, consider sharing this with your friends and let us know in the comment box about your thoughts and experience using a heat gun for your epoxy resin.

Happy Epoxy Resin Casting!