Can you use a Heat Gun on Epoxy?

Can you use a Heat Gun on Epoxy - Or is it not good

Using epoxy resin for resin casting may come up with several complications that might lead you to put your thinking cap on at every stage.

One could be whether you can use a heat gun on epoxy! Or do you actually need a heat gun for epoxy resin?

Well, I am sure you want your epoxy resin to be perfect with minimal effort and want no mistakes while dealing with it to spoil it.

That’s why you seek to use a heat gun on epoxy. Pause! You have reached the right place to get your answers over the same.

In detail, track down the article to deal with epoxy resin and a heat gun.

What actually is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is a viscous liquid mainly used for adhesive purposes. In the creative world of growing art, it is used for casting attractive and decorative pieces such as key chains, charms, jewelry, etc.

Epoxy resin oses good strength to combine and set, due to which it has a shorter processing time and can be better controlled when cast in layers.

Epoxy resin is di-glycidyl ethers of bisphenol A obtained by reacting bisphenol A with epichlorohydrin.

When the epoxy resin is mixed with a specially made hardener, it acquires the mold given and multiplies its properties under the name of waterproof and over heat resistant.

Before deciding whether you can use a heat gun, let us know what advantages and disadvantages a heat gun offers when used over epoxy resin’s surface.

What does a heat gun do on epoxy resin?

Can you use a Heat Gun on Epoxy or not - full information on whether to use heat gun on epoxy

The exceptional property of a heat gun, as the name suggests, is to provide heat. When used for epoxy resin, it blows out heated air to the surface for the desired purpose.

The heat gun can be used for the following purposes on epoxy resin-

1. To tackle bubble formation – While casting epoxy resin, the resin tends to trap the air in it, leading to the formation of bubbles.

The formation of bubbles spoils the process of perfect resin casting by deteriorating the overall quality of the epoxy resin.

2. To blow resin in the desired direction – If your epoxy resin is firm enough and you want to cast it in different layers, it can be best for you.

The air that blows from the heat gun makes the resin move and take the shape of the mold. The above advantages are the ace of the game of resin casting.

Bubble formation and proper shape and design acquiring resin casting without deformation is the primary concern of most people.

A heat gun is the one and all solution to these significant problems. Know how strong is a heat gun for epoxy by clicking Here. However, using a heat gun may have a few disadvantages. Carry on reading further to know.

Does using a heat gun on epoxy resin have any disadvantages?

Using a heat gun on epoxy resin may come up with many benefits and may offer a solution to almost all problems of the air trapping of the epoxy resin.

This is to be noted that despite offering so much to ease out the process of epoxy resin casting, heat guns also have some disadvantages which should not be overlooked.

Can you use a Heat Gun on Epoxy? - Is is good or not

1. The extreme heat of a heat gun – The heat produced by a heat gun might exceed the tolerance limit of epoxy resin, which might cause damage with the high temperature if not appropriately regulated.

The damage includes cracking of epoxy resin, discoloration and dullness of epoxy resin, and even spoiling the design of your casting.

To check what temperature of the heat gun align with the epoxy resin, Click Here).

2. Airflow misregulation – The heated air from a heat gun can also be used to design the resin with layers properly. Sometimes, if the air goes beyond control, it may produce altered results.

Now, here comes the question: Can you use a heat gun on epoxy?

Can you use a heat gun on epoxy?

Using a heat gun comparatively has significant advantages. It can be considered an asset to epoxy resin casting, and a few disadvantages offered by the heat gun can be overlooked.

Therefore, using a heat gun is a green signal if you know how to tackle and use it efficiently. I always prefer using the best heat gun for the epoxy resin to yield the best results.

FAQ’s –

1. Is it safe to use a heat gun on epoxy resin?

Yes, when the safety of epoxy resin is considered, a heat gun is at most safe to use over it. However, the wet epoxy resin may get blown away and strike you hard.

Make sure you use all protection, including hand gloves. Face masks, etc., to safeguard yourself.

2. Is there any proper way to use a heat gun on epoxy resin?

No, There isn’t any stiff way to use a heat gun. All you need is to take your epoxy resin and place it flat while you prepare your heat gun for the blow.

After you are set comfortably, use a slow and steady heat gun over the targetted surface and with proper intervals to avoid consequences.

3. Can I use heat even if I’m using it for my shorter project?

Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you are aiming for a large project or a smaller project of epoxy resin casting. You can always use a heat gun to cast like a pro if your primary concern is the bubble formation used to ruin your project.

Conclusion –

Casting with epoxy resin and using a heat gun might impose the thought of wonders and thus the confusion.

However, I hope I could delivered a clear picture of the subject. Now, proceed with your resin casting using a heat gun (Check what heat gun you need for resin?) and leave down in the comment section how your experiment using a heat gun for epoxy resin casting went.

Happy Epoxy Resin Casting!