About Me

If you’ve read my articles, you know that I like to convey the best information to help you progress in your resin project, but today I’ll like to tell you about me and how I started Jacolby.

It’ll help you know who’s behind all these articles while I’ll get the opportunity to share my story with wonderful enthusiasts like you—a kind of interesting story, at least for me.

So my name is Kasia, and I’m 25 years old. I currently live in London, pursuing my dream of becoming one of the best artists in the world. And I do believe, one day, this will happen.

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All of this started when I was seven, and I couldn’t get enough of perfecting myself with the painting I was making. Looking back, it was an amazing journey, and fingers crossed, I hope the same for the future.

Throughout my journey, I’ve made numerous paintings, including acrylic, Gouache, Pastel, and Encaustic. But in the summer of 2015, I came across something called the “Resin.”

Although Resin was widely used as an adhesive and coating, it did have an art aspect to it, and after using it, I was just speechless. It allowed me to make art on a completely different level.

And for a couple of years, I did, but now, the time has changed. It was 2020, and the market was flooded with hundreds of epoxy resins self-proclaiming to be the best.

I repeatedly started getting resin that just didn’t work that well. Some resins were good for layering but not for casting, while others were good for countertops but not for wooden tables.

It became too confusing. I tried searching on Google, Youtube, Forums, and everywhere you can think of.

Later, tired and helpless, I knew I had to try and test different epoxy resins for different applications. So, I did. It was not so pocket-friendly, but it was all worth it when I got the best of results.

It slowly dawned on me that thousands of people are confused over which product to use for a specific requirement, and well, I can help them, so I started EpoxyResinHub.com, a website to help people decide on the product of their need.

People started loving it, and that’s when I decided to deliver my knowledge to more people, leading me to buy Jacolby.com.

I continue to share my love and knowledge with all of you talented people, and I hope you make the best use of your resin. Also, you can contact us here if you have any questions or queries.