What temperature of Heat Gun to use for Epoxy?

What temperature of Heat Gun to use for Epoxy? Informatiion and complete answer on temperature of heat gun

When casting epoxy resin, the problem of air bubbles comes as a hurdle. Believe it or not, simple air bubble formation can be the major hurdle between you and your beautiful masterpiece.

Here comes the use of a heat gun, a purposely made gun that emits hot air to blow off the bubbles. Some people are confused about whether a heat gun can be used for epoxy resin.

And other people wonder if it can be used for the epoxy resin, then what should be the prominent temperature?

Well, for all of these questions, this article is intended to give answers to calm down your querying thoughts over the same.

So, be with this article till the end to know the core of the matter.

Why is a heat gun used for the epoxy resin?-

The heat gun is simply a gun that emits heat in the form of hot air when supplied with some energy.

In the process of epoxy resin casting, when epoxy resin is poured over the mold, the air gets trapped between the resin leading to the formation of bubbles.

When not treated or cured correctly, the air bubbles can destroy the epoxy resin’s overall appearance, making it look damp and unprofessional.

In addition, the air bubbles affect the durability of the epoxy resin and make it more prone to damage. And here comes the heat gun in the picture!

When used on the epoxy resin, the heat gun blows off all the air bubbles and aids in casting a beautiful epoxy resin project. If you ponder whether you need a heat gun for your epoxy resin, keep reading the article to explore.

What should be the temperature of the heat gun for epoxy resin –

What temperature of Heat Gun to use for Epoxy? Which temperature you should use with a heat gun on epoxy resin

Here comes the most awaited question you have been seeking for a long!

Before discussing the temperature of the heat gun to be used for the epoxy resin, make sure to have the best heat gun for your epoxy resin to get the best results.

The maximum heat temperature should be 700 degrees Fahrenheit or 370-degree celsius. The types of your project and the resin you are using for that project are the deciding factors of your heat gun’s temperature to some extent.

The bigger the project and the thicker the coat, the greater will be the temperature of the heat gun. Choosing the right tool is essential to build the project accurately.

Rely on a good heat gun that has a high and a low-temperature setting. The heat gun should be durable enough to withstand the temperature without complications.

Is using a heat gun necessary for epoxy resin –

Using a heat gun is one of the most prominent tools used in epoxy resin casting that eradicates the problem of bubble formation within a couple of minutes.

But if you wonder whether using a heat gun is necessary for epoxy resin, then you should note that it is not mandatory to use a heat gun for the epoxy resin; you can use other alternatives too (To know what those alternatives are, Click Here).

But to get the easiest, most effortless, and most effective cure for the issue of bubble formation, in my opinion, you should rely on the heat gun.

How to use a heat gun for epoxy resin –

What temperature of Heat Gun to use for Epoxy?What temperature of Heat Gun to use for Epoxy - Brief answer to how much temperature of heat gun should you use for epoxy

If you think using a heat gun is technical work that comprises several tricks and expertise work. Then you might be heading wrong!

Yes! You heard it right; you might be wrong, considering using a heat gun as royal work. Instead, using a heat gun for the epoxy resin is a simple procedure if you know the proper techniques.

All you have to do is to grab your heat gun (know what kind of heat gun you need for your epoxy resin) and your epoxy resin, put that on and simply blow off over the surface where you can see the air bubbles.

The secret technique for this process is to just hold the heat gun at some 45-degree angle instead of 90 or 180 degrees to let enough heat get on the bubbles to blow them off.

You can get more info on How to use the heat gun on epoxy resin.

Do’s and don’ts of using a heat gun for the epoxy resin –

Using a heat gun can be messy, especially when you don’t know how to tackle it.

Follow these dos and don’ts to avoid every type of complication while using a heat gun.

1. Don’t keep blowing continuously – Blowing off the heat continuously can lead to an excess heat supply to the epoxy resin, damaging the desired project in no time.

If you cannot blow off the bubbles nicely, prefer changing the angle or the temperature instead of continuous air blowing at a particular place of the epoxy resin.

2. Avoid too-high or too-low temperature – The too-high or too-low temperature of the epoxy resin can deliberately affect your epoxy resin by blowing off or melting down the surface.

Make sure you use a prominent amount of heat and start with a moderate temperature.

3. Don’t overuse the heat gun – Overusing the heat gun can affect the durability of your epoxy resin project, which I’m sure you don’t want.

Use the amount of heat only what is necessary, or else be ready to face the destroyed epoxy resin casting.


1. Can I use high temperatures all at once to eliminate bubbles quickly?

If you think that using the high temperature or heat gun for a longer period, you can eliminate the bubbles completely, then you are wrong.

This will simply spoil your project. If nothing is terrible, too much is worst. So use only what is necessary.

2. Does using a heat gun for epoxy resin have any disadvantages?

Yes, using the heat gun may have disadvantages, such as blowing the dust around to your epoxy resin, creating a dusty project.

Therefore, it is essential to use the heat gun cautiously to improve the project’s quality and not damage it.

3. Will the heat gun remove the bubbles entirely and efficiently?

Using a heat gun can partially remove the bubbles and cause them to arise again. You will have to blow them gradually to eliminate them.

For more information about how effectively the heat gun works, click here.

Conclusion –

A heat gun can be the best addition to your process of epoxy resin casting if you know how to use it. After all, it eradicates the hurdle between you and your beautiful masterpiece of epoxy resin.

I hope you understood well what heat gun temperature you should use for your epoxy resin. Share this article with your friends if you found this helpful, and comment on what you experienced working with the heat gun for your epoxy resin.

Happy Epoxy Resin Casting!