How to mix Resin and Hardener

Illustration demonstrating the process of resin and hardener mixing.

Epoxy resin is a simple artwork if one follows the handbook. Though you can alter according to your choice and personalize it, the basics of working with epoxy resin are rigid and need to be strictly followed for the perfect result. Epoxy resins are adhesive-based epoxides that react with hardeners to form a chemical reaction … Read more

How do you Tape Resin Edges

Illustration of a person applying tape to the edges of a resin project.

Epoxy resin casting is really fun when all the stages are followed properly with the appropriate steps to get the real masterpiece. One simplest and most exciting stages are taping the epoxy resin to avoid mishaps. Tapping epoxy resin maintains the flow of the epoxy resin and ensures the durability of the epoxy resin casting … Read more

Can you Sand Epoxy with 80 Grit

An 80 grit sandpaper being used to sand epoxy resin surface

Suppose you are willing to have a masterpiece of your epoxy resin casting and get stuck in the sanding process. Then luckily, you are at the right halt. Sanding is a simple and effective technique to get a smoothie-shiny epoxy resin with the help of sandpaper. This article will bring much information about sandpaper to … Read more

How to Use the Heat Gun on Epoxy Resin

A hand holding a heat gun near a resin surface, showcasing precise heat application.

Deciding on using the heat gun for your epoxy resin may follow up with tons of questions in your mind. One among them could be how to use it exactly to extract the maximum benefits with minimum loss. As already known, using the heat gun prevents bubble formation and helps produce an even epoxy resin … Read more

Can I Use Masking Tape with Resin

A roll of masking tape and a container of resin, showcasing their compatibility in resin projects.

Being a fan of epoxy resin casting and missing out on the taping stage don’t go hand in hand! On one side, taping is the right stage to acquire clean, neat, fine lines over the resin. On the other side, using the right tape is a very crucial thing to rely on. This article will … Read more

How to Keep UV Resin from Yellowing

How to Keep UV Resin from Yellowing - Full process and correct method of using this

UV resin is classified as synthetic resin; however, there are considerable changes compared to standard epoxy resin. With the aid of a dedicated UV lamp, UV resin cures entirely in a matter of minutes, and it can be used immediately without the requirement for a hardener. But often, UV resin is associated with yellowing, a … Read more