How do you Tape Resin Edges

Illustration of a person applying tape to the edges of a resin project.Epoxy resin casting is really fun when all the stages are followed properly with the appropriate steps to get the real masterpiece.

One simplest and most exciting stages are taping the epoxy resin to avoid mishaps. Tapping epoxy resin maintains the flow of the epoxy resin and ensures the durability of the epoxy resin casting by protecting it.

If you want to know how to tape epoxy resin just because you face difficulties tackling the perfect smooth edges of the same, hang out with this article till the end.

This article will deliberately bring the complete procedure of taping the epoxy resin and all the dos and don’ts. Before proceeding, let us quickly see through some of the basic concepts of this stage.

What is taping, and why is it needed –

Taping is simply the process of using tape to cover the surface of the epoxy resin to protect it for different purposes. Yes, you can tape your epoxy resin without any second opinion and follow this process to get a flawless master product.

Those purposes can either be maintaining the even flow of the resin or protecting the resin edges against any breaks and damages.

Taping is sometimes also used to regain the shine of the surface of the epoxy resin, but sometimes it can be observed degradation in the same.

Taping is preferably done on the surface before pouring the resin and when the epoxy resin has completely cured.

Materials required to tape epoxy resin –

Artistic representation of various tools and tapes used for taping resin edges.So, to start with the taping of the resin, all you require are a handful of materials –

1. Any preferable tape (for a reference check, What kind of tape does epoxy resin not stick to?)

2. Epoxy resin (for casting).

3. A pair of scissors (to manage the tape in a neat manner).

4. A slab.

5. A plastic spreader (if needed to spread the tape evenly).

All these materials are available online and in the offline store at affordable prices and top-quality effectiveness.

How to tape the epoxy resin edges –

So here comes the most awaited answer to your burning question, ‘How to tape the resin, and particularly the edges of the resin?’

Glare down the guidelines mentioned below and follow them religiously to attain a beautiful masterpiece.

Visual representation of a person demonstrating the process of taping resin edges.1. Start by preparing your epoxy resin to be used and gather the materials for masking the edges to eliminate the drips that can spoil your resin casting.

2. Measure the tape and choose a size slightly longer than the side of your slab. Start using your tape on your slab across the edges, including corners. Make sure you drop off about half an inch on both sides.

3. Use the tape across the panel carefully and apply little and firm pressure over the tape to get it stuck on the required area. You can use a plastic spreader to spread the tape and eliminate the bubbles if you have one.

4. Make sure you cover each and every corner of your desired area and secure the sticking with the double-check.

5. Pour the epoxy resin over the surface and cast your beautiful desired product.

If you are using tape for the epoxy resin casting, then after casting it, make sure it is completely cured, and then tape with the same technique.

6. Leave the tapped surface (if done on the cured epoxy resin casting) for several minutes to an hour and enjoy the rest of the fun process.

7. Once the epoxy is cured and set completely and properly, try to remove the tape slowly and reluctantly.

You can also opt for a heat gun to slightly warm up the corner surface of the epoxy so that peeling it off can become easy.

Isn’t the process of taping too simple?

Do’s and Don’t in the process of taping the resin –

Illustration showing the protective and defining nature of tape on resin edges.

When relying on taping your resin casting, you need to follow some dos and don’ts to avoid complications. You need not worry about those until you read this article.

As I am going to mention all of them in this article.

1. Choose the best products- Whether choosing tape or any other material, rely on only the best ones to ensure the positive and happy outcome of your resin casting process.

Click Here to know whether you can use masking tape on your resin.

2. Start with taping the edges first- When starting with the taping, always choose edges to tape first. Make sure you have a clear picture of where to tape and where to start before you take the matter of the tape into your hands.

3. Be careful while peeling off- If you use a heat gun, use it for smaller areas at a time and repeat the same process until the whole resin surface is done with the peeling.

Be careful, as it will be warm once you use a heat gun on the surface of the resin.

4. Peel off from the edges – Initiate the process of releasing the tape from the edges and especially corners to release it effortlessly without any damage.

5. Dive into the process only when the resin is cured- This is the most important factor to remember: initiate the taping or removal once the epoxy resin is cured and set properly, or else be ready to face the severe uncured consequences.

6. Be calm and composed- After removing the tape, the surface of the resin may show some bumps due to the mistakes made during the process. If such a case arises, make sure not to freak out.

These issues can be fixed by sanding and polishing the surface; thus, getting a beautiful masterpiece is even possible after that.


1. Can taping the epoxy resin can actually spoil it?

Partially yes! Some tapes can spoil your epoxy resin as they are prone to stick to the resin damaging the whole desired product. But it can be eliminated by choosing the best tape for epoxy resin.

Choosing the best products will always yield you the best result without any compromises.

2. Can using a heat gun for the removal of tape damage the epoxy resin?

Well, using a heat gun is only to loosen up the cornered tape so that it can be parted from the surface efficiently. It will not spoil your epoxy resin if it has been completely cured and set up.

For other cases, make sure you don’t use the high temperature of the heat gun.

3. How can I fix scratches and cracks developed after taping on my epoxy resin?

The process of polishing always follows taping. Polishing aims at fixing any scratches and cracks of the epoxy resin developed during the process and is preferably done after sanding.

Make sure to rely on these methods to yield flawless epoxy resin casting.

Conclusion –

I hope you understood the whole process of taping the resin edges. Following the proper process is of utmost importance to get the real masterpiece.

Share this article with your friends who enjoy resin casting a lot and want to create a super expertise final product. Also, leave comments for us to know how your experience went in taping your resin.

Happy Epoxy Resin Casting!