How to Use the Heat Gun on Epoxy Resin

A hand holding a heat gun near a resin surface, showcasing precise heat application.

Deciding on using the heat gun for your epoxy resin may follow up with tons of questions in your mind. One among them could be how to use it exactly to extract the maximum benefits with minimum loss.

As already known, using the heat gun prevents bubble formation and helps produce an even epoxy resin surface. So knowing the right way of using it on the epoxy resin is more than important.

This article is about how heat gun is used on epoxy resin, and certain dos and don’ts will also be surfaced. So, hang out with this article to learn how to get a flawless masterpiece.

Why use a Heat Gun –

Before we dive deep into the procedural method of using the epoxy resin, we should consider discussing why using a heat gun is an asset to the epoxy resin to clear your mindset on ‘Do you need a heat gun for epoxy resin?’

As mentioned earlier, using the heat gun is a miraculous way to manipulate the shape or appearance of the art piece.

Not only this, the heat gun can be used to cure the resin at a faster pace, especially when you are super excited and impatient with your epoxy resin masterpiece, without compromising its quality.

Additionally, a heat gun is an easy go for getting smooth, glossy, and bubble-free epoxy artwork. And to your surprise, it is one of the major advantages. The heat gun can do wonders for your epoxy resin with just a little effort.

How to use a heat gun on epoxy resin –

A heat gun gently sweeping over a resin surface, eliminating bubbles and creating a smooth finish.Using the heat gun offers so many benefits that it is fair enough to say that it is the one solution to many problems.

Using the heat gun broadly depends on your purpose of use. We will discuss a few here, but grab the best heat gun for your epoxy resin to kick-start the process.

1. To eliminate air bubbles –

One of the most common and unsolved problems people working with epoxy resin face is bubbles. These bubbles affect the epoxy resin project’s overall appearance, quality, and durability.

However, Removing bubbles became easy by introducing the heat gun in the epoxy resin casting process. Yes, using a high temperature directly on the bubbles may help pop them out.

To know what temperature of a heat gun is suitable for epoxy resin, refer to this article. Trace down the step-wise process to do that efficiently.

1. Set your gun to a certain temperature.

2. Analyze the surface area of your epoxy resin for the bubbles and aim the gun for the final shoot.

3. Initiate using the heat gun right from the center of the epoxy resin by directly encountering them with the heat gun.

4. Use the heat gun in an outward direction in a circular motion and pop all bubbles steadily.

5. After eliminating all the bubbles, let the resin dry for several hours.

6. Repeat the same process on the repetitive occurrence of the bubbles until they are completely removed.

2. To Dry out the Epoxy Resin –

A heat gun being used to manipulate the flow and movement of epoxy resin on a canvas.If you aim to get your cured epoxy resin super soon, this step-by-step guide to using the heat gun is for you.

1. Be comfortable with your work desk, and set your heat gun at the appropriate temperature.

2. Hold the epoxy resin project in a stable place and avoid moving it.

3. Use the heat gun evenly on the surface of the epoxy resin, starting from the center.

4. With a circular motion, move the heat gun all over the surface of the epoxy resin.

5. After you are done, turn off the heat gun and leave the epoxy resin undisturbed.

6. Repeat the process as needed without overdoing it.

Using the heat gun on epoxy may make you ask, ‘How strong is the heat gun on epoxy resin’ Don’t worry, as I have the complete article for you covered!

Do’s and Don’t of Using Heat Gun –

Working with a heat gun has several pros and cons, which you should prepare beforehand. I have mentioned some dos and don’ts for you to track to get your flawless epoxy resin masterpiece.

1. Aim and work – This could be fair enough to say in the alignment that the ‘heat gun’ is a ‘gun’ that you must aim at the surface appropriately.

To be on the safer side, it is always good to aim it at the center initially and then move it around to another part of the surface of the epoxy resin.

The amazing logic behind this gesture is to distribute the heat evenly and give you some unbelievable results.

A heat gun being used to create a glossy and lustrous finish on a cured epoxy resin surface.2. Start with the low setting – As the name suggests, a heat gun works with the heat of different temperatures!

It can be very hot, and sometimes your project cannot withstand that temperature. I always prefer to start with the lowest setting possible and increase it gradually or be ready to own a cracked or damaged epoxy resin product.

3. Protection is the priority – Not to be denied that your protection is important. While using the heat gun, use proper gloves, safety goggles, and a thick base to resist high temperatures.


1. Can a heat gun displace my epoxy resin?

A heat gun can indeed be used to remove the unwanted epoxy resin dropped off at any surface, and to some extent, it can also be used to spread the epoxy resin over the mold.

But it can not displace your epoxy resin until and unless you want to. You can regulate this functionality by selecting the right temperature of the heat gun for your epoxy resin project.

2. What are the potential drawbacks of using a heat gun for curing epoxy resin?

Well, the heat gun has many advantages for epoxy resin. One of them is to get your epoxy resin cured speedily without serious consequences.

However, you should always know the pros-cons, dos, and don’ts of using the heat gun on your epoxy resin. You can read if you can use a heat gun on epoxy to get a detailed insight into the same.

3. Can using the heat gun on epoxy cause it to catch fire?

Using the heat gun over epoxy resin rarely results in a fire (minor). This is completely due to the high-temperature use for a longer period on the epoxy resin.

Avoid using the high temperature for more than a couple of seconds. Instead, rely on taking mini breaks in between.

Conclusion –

Using heat on your epoxy resin is one of those steps in the process of epoxy resin casting that is super effective and fun. Knowing this method and some super tips.

I hope you surely will enjoy working on an epoxy resin project. Try using a heat gun on your epoxy resin following this article, and let us know how it went for you in the comment section.

Happy Epoxy Resin Casting!