How to make Resin Dice

How to make Resin Dice

What if I told you that you could transform your regular dice into something spectacular? Perhaps maybe a resin dice. Snakes and ladders is a game that we all played as children, and to this day, even though I am a fully functioning adult, I still like playing that game. Do all of you fans … Read more

How to put Epoxy Resin on a Tumbler?

How to put Epoxy Resin on a Tumbler? - The process of putting resin on a tumbler

Isn’t it fascinating to observe your pals and classmates sipping from stylish tumblers? Since discovering how to construct my own epoxy resin tumbler, I’ve been craving the same chic tumbler in my hands. When it comes to a good tumbler, there is nothing better. They are sturdy, insulated, and fashionable, allowing us to bring our … Read more

How To Make UV Resin Dice

It shows how to make UV resin for dice. You will know the process, the material required, and things to keep in mind

Would you like to make your dice out of resin? Of course, but having trouble finding the right one for your project. Well, you’ve come to the right place! UV resin is a kind of synthetic resin that has become popular due to its enormous advantages. First, this resin requires no curing agent and cures … Read more

How To Make Resin Coasters

How To Make Resin Coasters? Step by step tutorial on making resin coaster

What could be more valuable and appealing than a beautiful coaster? It adds a decorative touch to your home and safeguards your furniture simultaneously. Plus, it can be used to cover all kinds of drinks without any worry. You can create your own coaster using the best coaster resin or upgrade an ordinary coaster with … Read more