Can you put tape on Epoxy?

Can you put tape on epoxy? or tape doesn't work on epoxy resin

Are you really into epoxy resin casting and wondering why people suggest you use tape? Well, If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place!

Here we will discuss some great reasons behind the taping of epoxy resin and ponder upon your actual question, ‘Can you put tape on epoxy?’

Taping epoxy resin is a common practice among the experts of epoxy resin casting to prevent their epoxy from leaking and to assist them with a better mold release.

If you are a beginner and have multiple thoughts about whether you can actually use it on the surface of epoxy resin, then this article has got you all covered!

What is taping on epoxy resin –

Taping of epoxy is the simple technique of applying tape on the surface of epoxy resin. The tape remains very strong, non-stretchable, and smooth on the surface.

The adhesive side of the tape is made to stick to the surface of the epoxy resin, which gets separated after the completion of the curing of the epoxy resin.

There are many kinds of tapes available for use. But, I will suggest you rely on the best tape for epoxy resin for the best results.

Why is there a need to put tape on epoxy resin –

Can you put tape on epoxy resin? And how to put take on epoxy resin

If you think how a simple sticking tape can help you make your epoxy resin a masterpiece, then let us discuss what taping actually do to your epoxy resin by discussing its benefits.

One of the simple benefits of taping epoxy resin is that it pours the epoxy into place. In addition, it also lines up the epoxy molds to make demolding easier.

Using tape on the edges of the epoxy resin aids in getting the epoxy resin with a clean and smooth edge with an ultimate finish.

Taping, in other words, works as an ultimate protection shield for the epoxy resin surface when casting.

Can you put tape on epoxy without any complications –

If the fear of spoiling your epoxy resin project stays at the back of your head just because of the thought of using the tape on its surface, then here we will discuss the core of the matter.

Taping the epoxy resin makes direct contact with the adhesive side of the tape and the epoxy resin surface, which leaves a dilemma in people’s minds that this direct contact can destroy their epoxy resin casting.

If you are also among those who don’t want to take a chance on your epoxy resin, then this might surprise you that the tape has zero to minimal side effects on the epoxy resin surface.

Yes! In front of the advantages of using tape to get the clear and finished final product of epoxy resin, its disadvantages are negligible.

If you are now concerned about whether all types of tape, particularly masking tape, can work for your epoxy resin, then read this article to know whether you can use masking tape on your epoxy or not).

You can use tape on your epoxy resin without any second opinion if you follow the guidelines below religiously.

How to tape epoxy resin –

Can you use a tape on epoxy resin and how does it help

To start with the taping of your epoxy resin, you will require to gather the following materials-

1. Tape (I suggest you choose those taps that don’t stick to the surface of epoxy reason).

2. Scissors.

3. Wooden panel or any base surface (for eliminating the mess in the workspace).

You must clean and dry the surface or mold on which you will cast your epoxy resin. This is important to avoid the sticking of the tap and to exclude other complications, such as collecting dirt, grease, etc., on your epoxy resin.

Proceed with putting the tape across the edges first and follow the guidelines in the article, ‘How do you tape resin edges?

Taping epoxy reason isn’t the immense task that follows a royal technique. Instead, it is a series of steps that should be done with utmost precaution and following all guidelines to get the best masterpiece.

If you find this process really fun, do give it a try on a sureshot.


1. Does resin stick to the sticking side of the tape?

The tape available for the epoxy resin is smooth enough to prevent the epoxy resin from sticking to the surface of the tape.

The adhesive side of the tape is stuck to the epoxy’s surface, which can be easily removed without any hustle once the epoxy resin has completely cured.

Sometimes the tape can get sticked, so try using the best tapes for your epoxy resin to avoid such consequences that can destroy your whole project.

2. Is sticking the tape over the epoxy resin leave marks on its surface?

Well, if you handle the process of taping the epoxy resin surface carelessly, you may have marks on your epoxy resin surface.

In the worst scenarios, you may also get some scratches. But thankfully, the process of sanding and polishing can be done to treat them afterward(check how to sand epoxy resin).

3. Is taping the epoxy resin a messy process?

There could be no most accessible stage other than taping the epoxy resin in the whole epoxy resin casting process.

This stage doesn’t involve any mastermind techniques, but yes, it has some do’s and don’ts to be followed to prohibit damage to the epoxy resin casting project.

4. What type of tape should I use to tape my epoxy resin?

You can use any of the best tapes from the list for epoxy resin. The most commonly used tape is painter’s tape because it is much more effective and less sticky to the surface. This way, it serves its purpose the best.

Conclusion –

I hope the concept of taping the surface of the epoxy resin has left no doubt for you. In conclusion, taping can be done to your epoxy resin in an easy-peasy and calm manner to yield the best results.

If you found this article helpful double share it with your friends and leave in the comment section how your experience was with this article and taping your epoxy resin. Happy Epoxy Resin Casting!