What is Epoxy Primer?

What is Epoxy Primer? - Full explanation

Many businesses contemplating investing in a premium coating often fail to give enough attention to whether or not they should apply an epoxy primer first. This is a common mistake made by many of these businesses. The great majority of people have either never heard of floor primers or are under the opinion that they … Read more

Will Epoxy stick to Smooth Concrete?

Will Epoxy stick to Smooth Concrete? Or it will not stick to smooth concrete

Epoxy is a kind of plastic that may be used in various applications in the commercial sector, in addition to a few settings within the home sphere. Because of its propensity to stick to concrete, epoxy is often used to coat the surface of concrete floors. In addition, epoxy may be used both as an … Read more

Can you put Epoxy over Concrete?

Can you put Epoxy over Concrete or not

If you’ve found your way here, you’re probably already aware of what concrete is and why it’s so commonly used in construction. Are you, on the other hand, acquainted with epoxy resin’s properties? To what extent did you realize that epoxy resin may be applied to the surfaces of various materials (metal or wood, for … Read more

Can you use a Heat Gun on Epoxy?

Can you use a Heat Gun on Epoxy - Or is it not good

Using epoxy resin for resin casting may come up with several complications that might lead you to put your thinking cap on at every stage. One could be whether you can use a heat gun on epoxy! Or do you actually need a heat gun for epoxy resin? Well, I am sure you want your … Read more

Do I need a Heat Gun for Epoxy Resin?

Do I need a Heat Gun for Epoxy Resin? Or you can use other things?

I’m sure you would do anything to get your masterpiece of epoxy resin, whether it be choosing the best materials for your final product or applying the cent-percent efforts to manage them. You can go to any end. You might have heard about the suggestion of using a heat gun for your epoxy resin by … Read more

Can I Polish Epoxy Resin

Can I polish epoxy resin - Or you don't need any polishing

Working with epoxy resin isn’t easy when you get several questions popping up in your head regarding polishing it. There are several rumors in favor of not polishing the epoxy resin, but this is the most fantastic thing you could do for your epoxy resin to make it a masterpiece. This article will serve you … Read more