What Sandpaper do you use to sand Epoxy Resin

What sandpaper do you use to sand epoxy resin - All the sandpaper and how to sand it

In the process of epoxy resin casting, sanding is given the crown of the easiest and most beneficial stage. Do you know why? Because it provides the shining and dashing charm that your casting always deserved.

Sanding is usually the last step of casting which involves techniques to make your resin surface super shiny and smooth. But while the process isn’t that hard, choosing the sandpaper is. ‘Why’ you ask!

Well, sandpaper can decide the fate of your casting! While good sandpaper can make your project just right, a wrong one can entirely put it to waste.

So, this article is intended to present you with a guide on what sandpaper you should use to sand epoxy resin and what precautions you need to take care of while sanding the epoxy resin.

So, let us begin with the same!

Why do we need sandpaper, and what benefit does it offer –

The primary material used for sanding epoxy resin is sandpaper. Sandpaper is a special kind of paper with a texture, made explicitly according to the purposes and thus the grit particle sizes.

The textured surface is a master to achieving a nice smooth surface when rubbed against the epoxy resin. The grit present on the sandpaper that defines its coarseness actually locks the irregularities and removes them.

However, this may clog the sandpaper and thus leave marks on your epoxy resin. Therefore, knowing the best sandpaper for your epoxy resin is essential.

Types of sandpaper and which suits best with epoxy resin –

What sandpaper do you use to sand epoxy resin - Types of sandpaper and which one to use for sanding epoxy resin

Well, if you are looking for the types of sandpaper for your epoxy resin, then I’ve got your back.

Although there can be many types of epoxy resin based on different factors such as coarse to fine grit, quality-wise, there can be only two types of sandpaper for epoxy resin.

1. Regular Sandpaper – Regular sandpaper is the one that is available in the market under the name of sandpaper and can be used with any grit for any required purpose.

Using regular sandpaper for epoxy resin may have the disadvantage of leaving marks and scratches. This is because they clog with the dust easily and leave marks on the surface of epoxy resin which is not easily replaceable.

2. Waterproof Sandpaper – This type of sandpaper has a closed layer of silicon carbide and is available in the market in grit sizes.

The waterproof sandpaper doesn’t trap dust, and the issue of clogging isn’t to be faced with this type of sandpaper.

Compared with other abrasive materials, waterproof sandpaper has a cheaper price but higher cost performance.

Which sandpaper suits Best With Epoxy resin –

For epoxy resin, Waterproof sandpaper works wonders because epoxy resin needs delicate care and a dust-free environment, or else it will trap the dust within the surface, destroying the whole project.

I will recommend waterproof sandpaper without any second opinion as I have used the same and always got excellent results.

Pairing the best sandpaper with the best way of sanding the epoxy resin can bring a magical appearance to your epoxy resin. Read and know what’s the best way to sand epoxy resin?

How to Sand epoxy resin –

What sandpaper do you use to sand epoxy resin - Different sandpapers and which one to choose for epoxy resin

Sanding epoxy resin can be really fun! Don’t you believe it? Let’s look out together. Sanding is the process that involves rubbing the surface of the epoxy resin to make it regular using sandpaper.

Besides this, it indulges a will to take care of the epoxy resin and rub it with care using water combined with many processes.

The exciting process has a lot to be done in the same. Check How to sand epoxy resin to know the complete process so that you can do this fun without complications.

Things to keep in mind before sanding resin –

While indulging in the process of sanding, a lot of precautions should be taken care of. Since it’s a complete process, producing a masterpiece shouldn’t be an option.

Let us discuss what should be those tiny tricky things –

1. Let the epoxy resin cure entirely – Before starting the sanding technique, it is necessary to let the epoxy resin cure easily.

If you sand your epoxy resin in its uncured state, then you will invite a lot of damage in the form of mixing, scratches, cracks, and an altered epoxy resin.

So, you better have patience rather than have the damaged epoxy resin project. Know how long to wait before sanding epoxy.

2. Choosing the best sandpaper – One of the biggest mistakes many people make is to sand their epoxy resin with poor-quality sandpaper.

As a result, they only end up with cracked and scratched epoxy resin surfaces. Therefore, choosing the best sandpaper for epoxy resin is essential to yielding the best epoxy resin casting.

What sandpaper do you use to sand epoxy resin - The sandpaper to use with epoxy resin

3. Use gentle pressure on the surface – Rubbing on the surface of the epoxy resin with hard pressure may develop the risk of marks and scratches that will last long.

I strongly suggest you use sandpaper on your delicate epoxy resin with warm and gentle hands and gradually apply pressure to the surface.

Make sure you do this in proper intervals, or else be ready to face unwanted and rigorous marks on your masterpiece.

4. Choosing the correct grit of sandpaper – Well, this is the most crucial thing to consider, that sanding with the right grit of sandpaper is essential.

The gradual change in sandpaper from coarse to fine and from lower to lower grit while sanding is the key to getting clear, shined, and perfect epoxy resin. (Read whether you can sand epoxy with 80 grit?)


1. Till how long should we sand the surface of the epoxy resin?

This is a tricky question as this situation is also tricky. Knowing when you must stop after sanding depends on your project type and its irregularities.

Larger projects and surfaces with more irregularities will take more time. All I will suggest you to keep checking your epoxy resin for its smoothness and stop when it’s fine. Avoid over-rubbing it.

2. Will using sandpaper on the epoxy resin develop scratches?

Well, using proper gritted sandpaper will not harm your epoxy resin until and unless you are doing it with proper care and precautions.

Using more pressure than required for a longer period can make your surface full of scratches and ultimately destroy it.

3. Can I use water on the surface of epoxy resin instead of sandpaper when using waterproof sandpaper?

Suppose you are relying on wet sanding with waterproof sandpaper. The main aim is to put water between the sandpaper and the surface, no matter how.

You can either wet your sandpaper several times or can drop a few of it on the surface directly. Both will work equally.

Conclusion –

Sanding is an easy technique that needs the attention of super easy and super tiny tips and tricks. Both, when combined, can give you the best piece of epoxy resin casting.

I hope you understood well what sandpaper should be used to sand epoxy resin, along with the precautions.

Leave comments in the comment box to let us know how the process of sanding with sandpaper went for you. Happy Epoxy Resin Casting!