Can you use Epoxy Resin for Casting

This is for you if you wonder Can you use Epoxy Resin for Casting. It tells you what you can cast with resin, instructions on casting with resin, and some tips for help.

It’s possible that your urge to cast, together with the need to refine your skill, will drive you to explore other methods. You probably have guessed that I don’t have any supernatural powers or talents, but please correct me if I’m mistaken about you and the epoxy resin. Read this article in its entirety if … Read more

How to use Epoxy Resin for Flowers

This is for you if you wonder about How to use Epoxy Resin for Flowers. It tells you the material required, ways to dry flowers, the process of preserving flowers in resin, and some suggestions.

The most memorable moments of your life will always include blooms. Flowers have always been a reliable source of happiness for you, whether on one of your many milestone birthdays or the day of your wedding. Like the rest of us, you have those flowers tucked away in valuable containers or books, right? It is … Read more

How To Make Badge Reels from UV Resin

This is for you if you wonder about How To Make UV Resin Badge Reels. It tells you the material required, how to make a UV resin badge reel, and some tips when making a UV resin Badge reel.

Are you into resin art and looking out for amazing creative ideas to try out the same? Well, in that case, resin Badge Reels are good to go with. Casting out badges from resins and aligning them with the reels is what is termed as Resin Badge Reels, and it is also actually what the … Read more

How To Pour Thick Epoxy Resin

If you wonder How To Pour Thick Epoxy Resin, this is for you. It tells you the process, things you need, tips and how to pour thick epoxy resin.

Lately, you may have noticed many pouring videos and finishes covered in oil all over social media. Ah! Don’t worry. We are here to help you with the true solution. Resin is a strong, glass-like coating that can be used as a pinnacle coat, artwork medium, an accessory on your artwork, and more. The crystal-clear … Read more

How to use Epoxy Resin on Wood for Beginners

If you want to know How to use Epoxy Resin on Wood for Beginners, this will help you understand the full process and other things to keep in mind when using epoxy resin on wood.

Combining wood and epoxy resin to make beautiful furniture and artwork is becoming more popular in the world of do-it-yourself projects. There are many methods to utilize epoxy resin for wood. For example, you may use it as a transparent coating to improve the beauty of a wooden surface, or you can use it to … Read more

Is Casting Resin Same As Epoxy?

It shows Is Casting Resin Same As Epoxy. You will know the similarities, differences, and uses of both casting resin and epoxy.

Are you inclined towards casting resin? Do you also rely on Epoxy for your creative ideas? Well, if you fall into the category of the people who finds this art attractive but don’t know whether casting resin is the same as Epoxy or not! Then you are definitely at the right halt because we’ve covered … Read more