How do you keep Epoxy from Sticking to Mold?

How do you keep Epoxy from Sticking to Mold - Full process and method

We remain so excited to cast our project from epoxy resin that we spend our major time of the day curating it. But what if the resultant keeps sticking to the mold destroying the whole project?

Well, this was the same situation with me until I knew these super tricks against the same, that I’m going to tell you right here.

Hang out with this article if you want to know how to keep epoxy from sticking to the mold along with the answers to your most burning question regarding epoxy and its coherent ability to stick.

Why does my epoxy gets stuck to the mold?

If you are using a mold made from a specific material to cast your epoxy resin, it has a good chance to get stuck over it.

Yes, that’s cent-percent true and the molds are needed to be prepared before casting so that epoxy doesn’t get stuck and can be released easily after curing. Failing to do so can result in damaging the project.

But there can be several other reasons as well, that assist in sticking the epoxy to the mold. Sticking epoxy resin is not just the cause of your mold.

The main reason behind your mold getting stuck is your over-excitement about taking out of the mold at the pre-curing stage. This may come hard to you but this is true!

You may be trying to take out your product from the mold too early when it’s not completely cured and thus allowing it to stick over the mold.

Other reasons however include you using cheap materials for your project. I will personally recommend using the best epoxy resin for your casting.

Do I actually need a mold release for epoxy resin?

Do You Need Mold Release For Epoxy Resin - The real answer

Well, this can be best answered by you. If you ever tried casting with epoxy resin and you messed up your project at the last stage without knowing the actual reason, then you need it.

This may be hard to swallow but it’s true that you did the entire process right. There wasn’t any fault in your casting process except for the denial to use a mold release.

Epoxy resin does need a mold release to cure out completely with the finest shape or else it may come just opposite to your desired product.

I personally relied on mold release with crossed fingers and guess what! It did work for me flawlessly.

So, if you are still in doubt, do check ‘do you need mold release for epoxy resin’ to get crystal clear clarity over the same.

7 Amazing Tricks to Keep Epoxy from Sticking to the Mold –

We can invest our major time in casting big projects but we often forget to follow the basic tips to get the best-desired project.

You will not believe that I did the same. To get the epoxy resin casting done, I was super excited and wanted my product as fast as I can curate.

This hastiness resulted in the damaging of the project by its sticking as I missed out on these secret tricks.

Worry not! as I got your back, I will tell you 7 amazing super tricks that you can use to get your product damaged-free.

Complete method of How do you keep Epoxy from Sticking to Mold

1. Waiting for the epoxy to get cured entirely – Pre-release can prove to be the most problematic for you.

If you accompany them with poly-and vinyl-ester resin then they shrink about 3-5% while curing and the same goes for epoxy resin as well.

Keep your overexcitement to a halt when it’s the time of release or else be ready to deal with the damaged products.

2. Opt for the best mold – This may sound pretty weird to you but it is the ultimate truth.

If you somehow are pre-releasing your cast for any of the reasons then you mack lack the finest touch of your casting. The right choice of mold is very crucial to getting your project to succeed.

I used the silicone ones because they are an expert in terms of durability.

3. Using mold release – This is one of the safest routes you may choose to extract the best product from your epoxy resin casting.

Yes, the mold release works wonders when you want your project to get evolved error-free. It helps to carve out your final product without any demolishing.

If you wonder what type of mold release will go with your epoxy resin, then check this, Best Mold Release For Epoxy resin, and get yourself the best epoxy resin.

4. Using aqua net hair sprays – This spray works like a magic. If once tried, you can’t resist yourself to use this again and again.

The super simple step is to just mist the spray along with the wax over the mold in thinner layers. Avoid using thick coats as it will not solve your problem to ease out the mold release process.

How do you keep Epoxy from Sticking to Mold - How to do it correctly

5. Greasing the surface well – If you have a hard time making any other tips successful for you then this can work for you in an amazing manner.

Apply any type of oil or grease on your surface and wait and watch for your miraculous damaged-free project to come out easily from the mold.

6. Using Polyethelene plastics – Re-using any of your poly bags to avoid the epoxy from sticking to mold can be the best and environment-friendly idea.

Disposable plastic sheets or simple poly bags are even not expensive and can be easily accessed if you are certain enough to try epoxy resin casting in an unplanned manner.

7. Less is best – In order to cut down your worries about stuck epoxy resin on your mold, you might be doing the biggest mistake.

This may turn your world upside down by applying more and more mold release of any type in the hope to get your product fine, you are only paving the way for a damaged product.

Understand, that no mold release and excessive mold release will do the same damage to your project.

So apply a sufficient amount of whatever type of mold release you are using and spread it evenly. Don’t let it sit in one place to avoid complications of a dismantled resin product.

(You can get endless super-easy tips for using mold release for your epoxy resin. Do read How to mold release epoxy resin easily, for that)

FAQ’s –

1. Can mold release work for any type of epoxy resin?

As long as you trust mold release available in the market for epoxy resin you can be assured of any type of epoxy resin.

Because they are specially made for epoxy resin and can be relied on, for any type of project to be damaged-free.

2. Is there any particular procedure to follow while using mold release?

No, there isn’t any particular procedure to use mold release. But there can’t be anything simpler than applying for mold release on your mold for epoxy resin.

All you have to do is just pour a little and sufficient quantity of mold release and spread it evenly. And that’s it, you are ready to cast your demolished-free project.

3. Can I use any other alternative except mold release?

Yes, if you don’t really want to use chemical mold release for any reason, you can always use some of the ingredients present at your home as a mold release.

That includes petroleum jelly, talcum powder, etc. For detailed information on this check ‘What Can I use as a mold release for epoxy resin?’ to get all your queries answered.

Conclusion –

Hope you get the real technique of prohibiting your epoxy resin from sticking to the mold. Do try casting with epoxy resin using these tips and tricks and be a pr-artist. (Thanks me later).

Also, I will love to hear from you any queries regarding the same and your experience with epoxy resin casting without getting it stuck on your mold in the comment section.

Happy Epoxy Resin Casting!