Why Is UV Resin Sticky After Drying?

A close-up image of a dried UV resin with a sticky texture.

If you’ve ever used UV resin, the process is simple: mix the resin and hardener together, apply it to your project, cure it with UV light, and voila! It’s supposed to be a quick and easy way to add a professional-looking finish to your work. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned. You might find … Read more

How to Fix Dimples in Epoxy Resin

How to Fix Dimples in Epoxy Resin - Full process and correct method of using this

You just completed your epoxy resin art and are excited to show it off to everyone, but you notice something uneven on the surface that looks like a dent or hole. Do not panic; this uneven texture formed on the epoxy resin’s surface is a dimple. They are called names like holes, voids, divots, or … Read more

Can Epoxy Resin be Sanded?

Can epoxy resin be sanded? or you can not sand epoxy resin

Were you about to sand your epoxy resin casting to make a clear masterpiece? But didn’t, because you wonder if it really can be sanded? Well, you are in the perfect spot. Sanding is done after curing to get an ideal glass-like epoxy resin surface. There are certain myths that it will spoil the epoxy … Read more

What Sandpaper do you use to sand Epoxy Resin

What sandpaper do you use to sand epoxy resin - All the sandpaper and how to sand it

In the process of epoxy resin casting, sanding is given the crown of the easiest and most beneficial stage. Do you know why? Because it provides the shining and dashing charm that your casting always deserved. Sanding is usually the last step of casting which involves techniques to make your resin surface super shiny and … Read more

What Heat Gun do I need for Resin?

What heat gun do I need for resin? All types of heatgun and which one is best for epoxy resin

When working to create some beautiful art pieces of epoxy resin and not getting the annoying bubbles is a questionable condition! Because the formation of bubbles in the process of epoxy resin is a prevalent issue, tough to deal with (but not impossible!). A heat gun is one such solution to eliminate the bubbles from … Read more

How to add color to Epoxy Resin?

How to add color to Epoxy Resin? - Full process and correct method of using this

So you are using epoxy resin for your DIY project and want to spice up your DIY projects with some splash of colors? Well, you have landed at just the right place. Read this article to learn how to add color to epoxy resin and make your epoxy resin unique and attractive. Epoxy is crystal … Read more