Jacolby Satterwhite
Two Man Show with Luis Gispert and Jacolby SatterwhiteHow Lovely Is Me Being as I amIsland of Treasure, Solo show at Mallorca Landings Gallery 1 NOVEMBER - 20 DECEMBER 2013 

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I use video, performance, 3D animation, fibers, drawing and printmaking to explore themes of memory, desire, personal and public mythology. My recent body work "The Matriarch's Rhapsody" utilizes my mother’s drawings and music recordings as a primary resource. My has drawn thousands of schematic drawings/inventions influenced by consumer culture, medicine, fashion, surrealism, math, sex, astrology, philosophy, and matrilineal concerns. The drawings are mostly of common objects and luxury products found in the domestic sphere. The Matriarch's Rhapsody's title stems from the action of repurposing everyday objects drawn by my mother, and queering their meaning in a performative animated narrative. My practice has it's roots in dada, surrealist, and fluxus attitudes. I pair down multiple drawings and create a time based narrative out of a nonsensical intersection of the text, rendered objects and dance performance. I am interested in process as a meta narrative; the narrative between a mother & and son's studio practices, the narrative between past, present, and future, and the narrative between mediums. My body and art facility, as an extension/interpretation of my mother’s voice and drawings, is an attempt to examine memory, insider/ outsider art practices, contemporary surrealist practices, queer phenomenology and push the tensions created during translation and inheritance of studio practice.